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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Give Away

I am doing a Give Away. You can enter to win your choice of one of the following items. Your Choice:

Slouchy Beret in Linen

Black Bow Headband

Red iphone/itouch case

To enter this Give Away complete three of the following steps, #1 is required:
  1. Leave a comment for this post with your email address and the item you would like to receive from the above choices, and become a follower of this blog. Click on the button that says "follow" on the sidebar.
  2. POST about Lap of Luxury on your blog or Facebook; you must provide a link for me to see it
  3. Help spread the word about Lap of Luxury by inviting 5 friends to become followers of the the Lap of Luxury Blog. This can be done on Facebook, email or word of mouth
  4. Put the Lap of Luxury button on your blog
  5. If you have an Etsy account, add Lap of Luxury as one of your favorite shops
  6. Send me a picture of you in your Lap of Luxury piece(s)

***The winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday, April 12th.***

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Katie said...

Everything looks great!! You are so talented! I love the black headband!!

Katie said...!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=177400794

Here is the link. My email address is

DA Ranch said...

Love it all my Etsy selling friend! I bought the book that they always talk about on those emails of Etsy tips "The handmade Marketplace" I ordered it on Amazon so once I get it, I will let you know how it is!
Black headband!

Ray J said...

I love the black bow headband. I am crazy in love with headands and yours are to die for. I am in Texas and came across your Etsy store and blog. My craft blog is I am going to blog about your giveaway. I am a new blogger myself and I love anything crafty.
email: Happy Spring! Happy Easter, blog friend!!!
I will also put your button on my blog. YAY!

Ray J said...

And I am a follower(forgot to say that) Also, would you ever be able to create a laptop cover? That would be the perfect accessory for my friend, my laptop and with a bow. So cute! Thanks for sharing your talent with the blog world.

Lap of Luxury said...

To Ray J:
Thanks for entering! I have had a few requests for a laptop cover; it is something I will definitely think of creating :) Love you blog and all your crafts!

Harding's said...

This is for my post on my facebook, I have also added your button to my blog and became a follower on the blog. I love your stuff, it is cute and I love that you have this talent and use it. I like the black bow headband (it will look super cute with my short hair). My email address is Keep it up and I hope things are going well.

Sarah Louise said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your work through Etsy and I have to say that I love your crocheted pieces! I've been crocheting beanies and headbands for a while now, many of which are similar to yours, and I have just started selling them locally! It's always fantastic to see fellow crocheters creating such beautiful work!

Sherry said...

I am in Love with your stuff! It is super cute!

Debbie said...

I just stumbled upon your Etsy shop, I LOVE the black bow headband! I added your shop as a favorite on Etsy! Seems like a lot of work to enter the contest. Maybe I will just buy the black bow headband!


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