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Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Broncos!

I recently had a pretty cool opportunity. I got a message on Etsy from a woman who is the wife of the strength and conditioning coach of the Denver Broncos. She complemented me on my work and wrote, "My husband is a coach with the Denver Broncos. We have 2 wives expecting and would love to give them a Broncos hat." She asked me to make the hats in Bronco's colors and to make one for a boy and another for a girl. The girl hat will go to the head coach's daughter! Yay cool! I think the hats turned out perfect, and she said they will be back for more business.

1 comment:

Little Yellow Sew Shop said...

I love this and love that you got that order. It is so cool! When I have a little baby, I will be needing one cuz Dan is a Broncos fan!
But I may have a request....I'll send you a message!


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