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Thursday, March 17, 2011

300 Sales Giveaway Winner Announced

The lucky winner of the 300 Sales Giveaway! is:

...with ♥, Amber

She said:

Please contact me with the info. on the item you would like along with your address.

Thanks to all who entered. If you did not win and you entered this giveaway, please enjoy 20% off your next purchase. Must be redeemed by 3/31/11. Contact me via email and I will send you the discount code.


melody-mae said...

i am a new follower...who loves your name! :) I first saw you on kendi's 30 for 30 and now you are doing a giveaway on lee la la's how could i not finally become your follower! :) i love your hats! (and your name. )

from one melody to another.

...with ♥, Amber said...

Thank you! I feel horrible that I haven't responded sooner. My computer is being wiped clean because of a bug! OH NO! I am trying to email you from this library computer and its not letting me!! Please forgive me. I am jumping with joy on this win!! whoohoooooo!

My email is meomy.socialbutterfly{at}

I will be emailing you my address asap!


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